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Decom Offshore understands the challenges facing the many industries today, how to safely and cost effectively decommission a site in preparation for demolition.  Who will I need to keep on site? How clean is clean when decontaminating? what should I remove? how do I highlight potential hazards and risks, how do I ensure a fixed price for demolition? how do I save money on demolition?

Many clients spend money needlessly when preparing a plant for demolition.  Here at Decom Offshore our consultants have been carrying out complex decommissioning projects for many downstream facilities, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas plants across the globe.  We have considerable experience in planning complex projects from the outset, and have a robust process developed over the past 20 years to  reduce costs for our client, but most of all we know how to plan and execute projects safely.

Our simple to follow 5 stage process has assisted many of our clients in identifying hazards and risks.  This is used to create robust tender documentation creating an open and transparent tendering process, ensuring the safest most cost effective solutions for our client. This proven methodology works for both onshore and offshore projects.

Through our advanced SMART decommissioning process, we can quickly demonstrate the commercial, safety and environmental risks that exist within all decommissioning projects and how to manage and mitigate these through our proven process.  Our pioneering and unique approach has saved our clients many millions of pounds whilst protecting reputational risk through implementation of the highest health, safety and environmental standards.


I thought decommissioning was new, however the technical knowledge and expertise demonstrated by the consultants at Decom Offshore quickly put my mind at ease, and I realised this was not new, it had been done before in other industries

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