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Site Divestment and Asset Recovery

Decom Offshore have advised on recovering value invested in sites, plant and assets and reduced the overall cost of decommissioning, demolition and land remediation, in many cases recovering value back to our clients.

We have recovered many millions of pounds in redundant sites and plant, ensuring assets are recovered with no future liability or risk to our clients. Decom Offshore have built up a reputation for maximising the value of redundant assets no matter what industry.  Our consultants understand the commercial and contract risks associated with auction and specialist asset recovery companies, and take away the headache for our clients in trying to understand the best solution.  Lots of asset recovery specialists offer many different solutions and this only confuses clients, from auctions to re-sale talk to us first, we know the pitfalls other clients have fallen into when dealing with asset recovery specialist and have helped clients out of difficult contractual agreements.  

Clients can be assured through our company integrity and honesty policy we have only their interest in mind, and can assure that a fair, open, honest and transparent process will be adopted, advising on the best solution.

We know all the key players in the market for asset recovery, including specialists in Power, Paper, Pulp, Chemical, Petrochemical, Automotive, Oil and Gas, including end users and buyers globally.  De-risking our clients liabilities is our speciality and as such Decom Offshore have advised lawyers from many of the worlds leading process and power companies, demonstrating clearly and precisely the contract models that have been used to mitigate risk through asset re-sale.

Before being convinced by asset recovery specialists their solution is best for you, contact us.  Our services are totally independent and our demolition consultants can make you aware of some of the considerations and pitfalls others have fallen into.  Our impartial advice is free, we leave our clients to decide if they need our support and help on projects going forward.

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