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Case Studies

Decom Offshore were appointed by a specialist chemical producer to support with decommissioning strategy, procurement and demolition specialist consultancy services.  

The site is one of the largest chemical production sites in the U.K., and has been a chemical production site for over 100 years.  During the past 30 years a number of production plants and buildings on site have been closed down and mothballed, due to the age and condition of some of the plants on site, it was decided to clear old redundant assets to make space for investment and new technology.  36 areas were identified for decommissioning and demolition following a lengthy site appraisal.  

Another consultancy company had been awarded the first stage of the project which was to carry out a independent estimate in order for the client to determine the cost of demolition as a budget had been allocated. The estimate produced showed a cost of demolition of over £3.5 million.  This meant that in order to complete all the packages of works identified significant savings would be required to keep the project within budget.

Decom Offshore undertook HazDem studies for all the individual packages of work, this allowed all the information to be collated and also helped define the decommissioning and decontamination strategy for the site.  The HazDem information was then used in the Pre Construction Information Pack (PCIP) and set out a detailed scope of work and contract for the project.  

Many demolition contractors had expressed an interest in the project, Decom Offshore helped shortlist 6 companies to tender for the works.  The project was tendered both from a technical and commercial perspective, with all the tenders in the technical aspect was scored first creating a shortlist of 3 contractors for interview. Interviews were conducted prior to the commercial tenders being opened to clarify all aspects of the tender had been met by the contractor.

The robust Decom Offshore process developed over many years allows contractors to have confidence in the information at tender stage, leaving the plant in a known condition with all hazards and risks identified.  This confidence allows the contractors to accurately estimate the cost of demolition and waste disposal / recycling. The saving to the client was over 100% on the original budget prepared by the previous consultant, this meant that the client had enough money within the budget to carry out the demolition and removal of all assets within the work scope.

Decom Offshore also supported the clients own team with demolition consultancy support, competency checks, carrying out audits on the principal contractor, review of method statements and risk assessments, project meetings.

Decommissioning within a live plant