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Training courses tailored for your specific environment

Training Courses

We offer training to our clients own team in the correct procedures and requirements to safely plan and manage all aspects of demolition.  By the end of the course our clients will have a full understanding of their duties and responsibilities when planning and managing demolition projects on their sites. They will have an understanding of what a demolition contractor will expect at the start of demolition.  Our consultants will share industry experience so our clients have a greater understanding of the contract and commercial risks associated with asset recovery, scrap metal credits and demolition procurement.

Demolition Awareness Training

How clean is clean?

How do we prepare the site prior to demolition?

Our course looks at the risks and hazards associated with decommissioning and isolating a complex process plant.  It will demonstrate how to reduce the cost of decommissioning through our SMART decommissioning process.  It will help you decide how to define end state for the entire site or sections of it, in order to maximise value from redundant equipment and plant, mothballing and preserving value.

Risks and Hazards in Decommissioning

Asbestos awareness training is a requirement of the control of Asbestos Regulation 2012 for ‘anyone who may come into contact with asbestos. It will be of particular interest to those within any process, power or manufacturing sector.  The course will cover, the history and origins of asbestos, where asbestos is found, types of asbestos, health hazards, asbestos legislation and asbestos management.

Asbestos Awareness Training

Decom Offshore work with decommissioning and demolition contractors across the globe. However we only work with contractors who put safety and integrity before profit.  We have a formal process to approve contractors, if you have considerable experience in any high hazard industry, with an excellent health safety and environmental performance then we will be pleased to hear from you.  Contact our procurement team via the contact us page, or click on the email button below and put procurement in the subject box, attaching your company information.

If you hold the same value as Decom Offshore we would be pleased to hear from you.

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Demolition Contractors

Decom Offshore have experienced decommissioning and demolition consultants recognised as leading industry experts in decommissioning, decontamination, dismantling, demolition, asset recovery, waste management and land remediation, having presented papers at many specialist global decommissioning and demolition conferences and seminars.   

We are very open in sharing our global expertise, knowledge and experience with other contractors and clients, our drive is to improve the decommissioning and demolition industry through increasing safety, environmental performance and reducing the cost of projects for our clients.