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Offshore Preparation

Decom Offshore core strategic services supports planning both current and future decommissioning, dismantling and demolition projects onshore and offshore.  Our capabilities extend to include strategic planning and assessment using Best Available Techniques (BAT) assessments our skilled workforce brings added value throughout the decommissioning process.  Our decommissioning and demolition consultants experience cover not only the  North Sea but also Gulf Of Mexico, Pacific, Caspian and Asia, Africa and Middle East regions.

FEED Studies

Our decommissioning early conceptual and feasibility studies, from FEED and basic engineering to detailed engineering and design, procurement, construction and operations support, decommissioning and dis-investment.  The North Sea presents opportunities to think differently to achieve large savings.  Our concept and FEED studies include information and recommendations on:  preparing for CoP and decommissioning, subsea clearance, platform and jacket removal including Single Lift, Reverse Modular or Piece Large and Piece Small Removal.  Proven capabilities to reduce overall costs when considering alternative removal options; project and scope reviews; contracting strategy review, hazard identification and re-use, recycling and disposal options; project schedule and estimated project costs.

Port Facilities

Decom Offshore have undertaken a number of studies for port authorities and clients located across the U.K. and Europe, our FEED studies include detailed assessment of the physical Port characteristics to receive, process and recycle the structures.  Decom Offshore has extensive knowledge of all the key service providers, including further facilities in the process of being developed.  Our consultants can help reduce cost by identifying key resources early.

Removal Contractors

Decom Offshore know all the key players including heavy lift vessels, marine support, demolition and waste management contractors.  Its important to understand the market, and the availability of key resources when carrying out decommissioning comparative assessments, as heavy lift vessels will soon be resource bound when peak decommissioning activity is reached in the coming years.  Understanding available alternative removal techniques is important to generate competition in the market and reduce cost.  We can help you reduce your costs.

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