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SMART Decommissioning

Decom Offshore core strategic services offer consultancy services looking at the core interaction of the different elements of the decommissioning programme.  Looking at synergies, efficiencies and links where cost reduction can be achieved by approaching the project using our SMART Decommissioning techniques developed over the past 40 years.


Decom Offshore can help you answer the main question ‘HOW CLEAN IS CLEAN’.  Decom Offshore has extensive experience in this sector from the onshore decommissioning and demolition industry, for example we have saved our clients many millions of pounds in decontamination of process facilities, we can apply this to platforms in the North Sea and beyond.  We firstly assess the level and type of contamination present, and talk to steel smelters directly to determine if the material can be accepted and processed through the furnace as is, with minimal cleaning and flushing undertaken, by undertaking this study on one site we saved our client over £3million in decontamination costs.

A further consideration for decontamination depends on the final removal strategy, it is inevitably cheaper to carry out the majority of cleaning onshore, however how much must be carried out offshore to allow safe transportation back to shore for further cleaning, our consultants can help you determine the best strategy.

Decom Offshore can assist in LSA management, including regulation, LSA management, LSA handling, transportation and disposal routes for LSA, the North Sea transfrontier shipment of waste legislation may apply we can help.

Isolation Stategy

When planning isolation of existing facilities it is important to understand what is required beyond Cessation of Production, ensuring import or export pipelines are terminated. Defining an end state for process equipment and plant is important in determining asset care and preservation that may be required to preserve the asset value if considering re-use or re-sale.  Our experience onshore and offshore includes designing isolation, re-routing, and identification of live services to ensure the highest safety standards through dismantling and demolition.  

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