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Decommissioning Liability Estimates

Decom Offshore have been providing accurate decommissioning liability estimates to clients for over 20 years.  Our decommissioning liability estimates are fully compliant with the international accountancy standards 37 (IAS37) for contingent liabilities and contingent assets.  Our experience looks at all cost provisioning including decontamination, isolation, special and hazardous waste disposal, dismantling, demolition, land remediation / restoration or seabed clearance including plug and abandonment costs associated with wells.  Our consultants have helped reduce decommissioning liability estimates and add value back to your balance sheet with particular focus on reducing the cost of North Sea decommissioning for our clients.

Decom Offshore calculate accurate future liability estimates looking into all aspects of cost reduction through SMART decommissioning and demolition using the right technology and methodology to be both safe and cost effective, whilst maximising the financial return from redundant assets and metals.

Decommissioning of oil and gas assets is becoming one of the most significant, uncertain and challenging projects that our clients have encountered with ever increasing forecasted costs to decommission the North Sea. Activities and expenditure are expected to ramp up over the coming decades, so it is vital that management and shareholders fully understand the inherent risks associated with current estimates of their decommissioning liabilities.

Decommissioning programmes are complex and vary region to region, we have explored the critical questions to consider in order to keep projects on course and mitigate delivery risks.  The North Sea and Gulf of Mexico pose different challenges, the unknown and unexpected hazards all driving the cost of decommissioning up year on year, our decommissioning and demolition consultants can help you better plan and prepare having done the same onshore for over 20 years, identifying the unknowns, potential hazards and risks to help reduce decommissioning costs.

The accuracy of decommissioning liabilities is ever more important to clients when considering acquiring, mergers or take-over, we have helped with appraisal and verification of existing liability estimates based on factual information.

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