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Procurement and Tender Support

With our in-house expertise Decom Offshore can manage and procure all aspects of a decommissioning and demolition contract on behalf of Clients. From application to the Local Planning Authority, completion of Section 80 Notice and Prior Notification to Demolish.

Our services are tailored to meet the requirements of the project and client, this is aimed to ensure a fixed price for the scope of works without additional claims for unknowns or unexpected hazards arising during demolition.  To achieve this Decom Offshore have built a robust tendering service to minimise and commercial and contract risks, ensuring the appointed demolition contractor has no opportunity to come back for unjustified claims or extras.

Demolition contractors have come up with lots of wonderful tender models to share and reward risk for example sharing revenue from metal and assets recovered however, this is unfortunately a trap many clients have fallen into in the past and has cost them million of pounds unknowingly.  We can stop this happening to you.

The CDM  Regulations, Construction (Design & Management) regulations (CDM) lay down various requirements in law that a client must undertake when letting a Demolition contract. Decom Offshore have produced a step by step process to help clients through this to ensure a safe and successful contract is achieved.

At  Decom Offshore we can organise demolition tender enquiries, act as contract administrator. We can also offer advice and support on health and safety and CDM as well as safe methods of demolition work.

Using our expertise and knowledge of the demolition and environmental service industries we are also able to organise asbestos surveys, environment habitat and species surveys, above and below ground drainage surveys, NORM surveys and radar detection of buried utility services.