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Waste Management and Characterisation

Decom Offshore have produced detailed site waste inventories on behalf of clients, including hazardous waste, special waste and general waste inventories.

As a waste producer all clients have a duty of care to ensure all waste is characterised detailing the intent of whether to send waste to landfill.  The assessment must include  details of all hazardous waste materials.  Decom Offshore  have produced accurate detailed waste inventories and site waste management plans.

Decom Offshore will help clients carry out independent audits of waste to ensure that all clients legal duties are met from cradle to grave.  Over the years we have helped clients categorise and divert waste including some hazardous materials away from landfill, allowing materials to be recycled or re-used in the process.  

Ever increasing landfill costs and taxes will mean more importance being put on waste producers and recycling companies to find innovative solutions where waste can be recycled.