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Decom Offshore priority is safety , we work hard to protect ours and our clients reputation.  We commit to protecting the health and safety of all personnel working on demolition projects at all times, ensuring safe systems of work are adopted by the principal contractor from the outset.


Fair and impartial procurement process

Decom Offshore supports the principle of free market competition as a basis for conducting its business and we are committed to finding our clients the safest most cost effective solution.


The privacy of personally identifiable information about our clients businesses, employees, business partners and other individuals will be protected.

Environmental protection

Consistent with its commitment to sustainable decommissioning and demolition solutions, Decom Offshore are committed to protect the environment throughout project execution, including adopting the principles of the circular economy by identifying alternative re-use or recycling of waste products  to minimise environmental impact

Our Promise

Decom Offshore is driven to share learning, help the demolition industry improve safety and environmental performance, this commitment is the foundation of long-lasting relationships built on trust and dependability.

Decom Offshore is committed to dealing with its clients and customers in a fair and forthright manner, maintaining the highest levels of integrity in everything we do.

Our Commitment

The enduring principles that have guided our actions have been our corporate values:

  • Integrity

  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Pursuit of Excellence