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Decommissioning and Demolition Consultants:-

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Consultancy services from planning for Cessation of Production (CoP) to decommissioning, decontamination, dismantling and demolition.  We can provide cost effective removal solutions either offshore and onshore project management services.

Offshore Oil & Gas

Our team have experience in all aspects of decommissioning and demolition of onshore oil and gas assets, from single lines and trains to complete facilities. The planning phase is where we add real value ensuring minimal cost through the decommissioning phase.

Onshore Oil & Gas

Understanding the complex issues relating to undertaking dismantling and demolition in a live process environment has been proven by our team.  Liasing with our clients to ensure minimum disruption to existing production.


Understanding the complex issues around processes, we have the right solutions to manage hazardous demolition in live environments.  Our meticulous planning process will highlight risks and hazards to make sure a safe solution is developed.



Power & Energy

Manufacturing & Industrial

Commercial, Health and Education

Pharmaceutical industry presents a lot of unknowns.  It is through our previous experience we can highlight where potential hidden costs exist. Taking a plant from an unknown to known condition is essential in order to ensure a fixed price and no surprises.

The power and energy industry bring their own unique hazards.  The size of the sites and structures will require a demolition contractor with a range of techniques at their disposal.  We understand the safest most cost effective solution for these sites.

End state for sites and equipment is required in order to maximise financial return from recovery of assets.  Our teams have helped many customers through the minefield of risks in recovering asset value talk to us first.

Working with major blue chip companies, universities,  NHS and local authorities to reduce the cost of demolition and time spent managing projects.  Our team can manage the full demolition process on your behalf.