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Decommissioning and Demolition Consultants:-

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Feasibility studies (FEED) to determine the safest most cost effective decommissioning and removal solution for your assets, including single lift, piece large, reverse installation, piece small removal, onshore demolition and waste management.

Decommissioning & Removal Feasibility Studies

Strategy development and planning to minimise the cost of decommissioning, from planning for CoP and beyond to final removal and demolition, including preparation for “lighthouse mode”, obsolescence studies, equipment preservation and maintenance.

Decontamination & Isolation Strategies

Liability provisioning including IAS37 compliant decommissioning liability estimating for onshore and offshore facilities.  Independent accurate decommissioning, decontamination, demolition and land remediation estimates.

Decommissioning Liability Estimates

Production of pre construction information pack, scope of work documentation, bills of quantities as required by CDM regulations, demolition contractor selection and appraisal process. Management of invoices and claims.

Procurement & Tender Documentation

FEED Studies Isolation Liability Estimates Procurement Land Remediation Waste Planning Asset Recovery CDM Services

Land Remediation

Waste Characterisation &

Site Waste Management Plans

Site Divestment & Asset Recovery Solutions

Project Management &  

CDM Principal Designer

Environmental remediation removal of pollution or contaminants through independently developed solutions, our impartial advice demonstrating (BAT) Best Available Techniques have saved our clients many millions of pounds.

With the ever increasing cost of sending waste to landfill, our experience has allowed many millions of tonnes of material to be diverted from landfill and recycled. Waste Management & Managing waste is a critical part to reduce cost.

Decom Offshore have managed the divestment of large production sites including maximising revenue for our clients from the sale of redundant assets and plant, recovery of metals and recovering value in land and buildings.

Providing clients with demolition consultants who manage project health and safety risk and project management.  From the early part of planning to provision of site based demolition engineers to manage complex projects to completion.

FEED Studies Isolation Liability Estimates Procurement Land Remediation Waste Planning Asset Recovery CDM Services